Storage Ideas For Small Spaces By Till Koenneker

Storage Ideas For Small Spaces by Till Koenneker

Storage ideas for small spaces by Till Koenneker “Living cube” Did you imagine how to live inside a cube? If you can’t imagine it, you should look this one. When you see this in a reality, you may say that this is just a cabinet that you can put all of your stuffs inside there. But, if you open the door beside it, you can see that it is a […]

Outside Design Student By Tengbom Architects

Interior Design Student By Tengbom Architects

Interior design student has designed by Tengbom Architects. Do you ever see a building that only has 10 square meters and we can do the activities inside it? If you say that it is impossible, you should see this unique design. Only with the small space, the interior design student architect one of wonderful and cozy place to stay. He made the exterior with the different shape from the normal […]

Lighting Control Systems For Homes Mysterious Wave

Lighting Control Systems Concept With Wave Control

Lighting control systems concept is available with wave control lighting and an invisible switch. Change the wallpaper is the best solution to decrease the expenditure compared change all of the furniture you have. But that solution is not working again with this ingenious innovation for the modern interior. You can change your wallpaper easily with your waving hand. How it can be? The designer creates the creative innovation that no […]

Green Landscape Architecture By Tennent Brown Architects

Outdoor Spaces Green Landscape Design

Outdoor spaces ideas with green landscape design was designed by Tennent + Brown Architects. As we know, some families love to use the wood pattern inside their house. May be that wood pattern is inside your house right now. With this pattern, you can make any shapes or any models from this material. You can compare it with the modern and traditional concept because it will blend easily with the […]

Childrens Bunk Beds By Agate & Arek Seredyn

Kids Bunk Beds Ideas By Agate & Arek Seredyn

Kids bunk beds come in bold designs and colors that help enhancing the looks of your bedroom kids. The bedroom design and style should be able to offer comfort and style. Do you have children that their ages not too far and they always want to play together in the same place? Why don’t you put them in the same room and make the concept with them, so they can decide […]

Garage Doors Design With Traditional Wood Lites

Garage Doors Design for Your Home

Garage is the place to put your vehicles and make them safe inside. Some houses use the closed garage doors to make it more safely, but the other didn’t use it, just put their vehicles outside the house. You can do it if your house inside a real estate.  Here it is how to choose the right style garage doors for your home  1.       Choose a material You need to […]

Futuristic Public Art Fish Bellies

Public Art Design Fish Bellies in Texas

Public art design Fish Bellies has designers by Joe O’Connell + Blessing Hancock Public Art. When you walk through in this street in the afternoon, may be you can’t see the wonderful things here, but when you come in at night, you will surprise when you see the artistic and futuristic public art design like this. You can use it as your seat if you want. You can sit, read, […]

Landscape Architecture Inspiration Brick Bay House By Glamuzina Paterson Architects

Landscape Architecture Ideas Brick Bay House

Landscape architecture ideas Brick Bay House by Glamuzina Paterson Architects. There are a lot of inspirations in out there that can you use it as one of idea to make your own concept while you want to make your new house or when you want to renovate your old house. This landscape architecture ideas design can be the one of your interesting idea to make your house better than before. […]

Floor Plan Master Bedroom View

10 Effective Ways to Choose the Right Floor Plan for Home

Floor plan is the important thing that the owner must make sure that the tile comfortable when you walk through it. We give you 10 effective ways to choose the right floor plan for your home.  1.       Measure your home size Before you decided to use the tile for your floor plan, you should measure it correctly. If you don’t do it first, you will be regret in the future. […]

Wood Rug Carpet By Yldesign

Wood Rug Design Collection By YLdesign

Wood rug design collection is becoming more popular as many homes prefer them to the standard ones. When you have wood rug design it gives a different feel and beauty to the living room and it also gives you that privacy that you really need. The wood and its pattern usually use for the wallpaper, tile, furniture, and some ornaments. Decorating wood rug design We can find this wood rug […]