Contemporary Interior Decorating Ideas for Living Room

Wonderful Modern Living Rooms Ideas

The living room is the most important room for you to entertainment the guests. We can stay here while we are talking with the guests. A  modern living room represented the personality of the owner, so we must make our living room warmer to make the guests feel warm and cozy too here. The family also can relax here after a long work day or just to watch the television […]

Table for Workplace in Apartment

The East Village Studio Interior Designs Small Apartment

An apartment has many innovative decorations to make. This apartment has a little different level floor as the second floor. When we see the structure design, the second floor is just like a box stick on the first floor structure. The main material in this studio apartment is wooden pattern. This wooden pattern placed as the tile in the first floor and the cover the kitchen set. When you come […]

Japanese Style Bedrooms

Elegance Japanese Style Minimalist Interior Design

You have two floors penthouse, but you want make it alike have many levels? Maybe you can try this Japanese minimalist style in your penthouse. The wood pattern can you use for all of the tiles. You can use the dark color or the light color or if you want, you can mix it like this design. This nature tiles also can you mix with the modern furniture too. We […]

Cool Cardboard Bookshelf Design by Reinhard Deines

Cool Cardboard Bookshelf Design by Reinhard Deines

Every gadget and furniture when you buy it is always covered by a cardboard to make it not shaken too much and it will keep it clean inside the cardboard. After you open the seal, some of you just take the gadget and the furniture and discard the cardboard right? But it is not happened to this designer. The designer uses the cardboard to make a creative bookshelf that can […]

Green Landscape Architecture By Tennent Brown Architects

Outdoor Spaces Green Landscape Design

Outdoor spaces ideas with green landscape design was designed by Tennent + Brown Architects. As we know, some families love to use the wood pattern inside their house. May be that wood pattern is inside your house right now. With this pattern, you can make any shapes or any models from this material. You can compare it with the modern and traditional concept because it will blend easily with the […]

Oligo Lamp Mademoiselle Filou Design

Quirky Ceiling Lamps Like Insect by Oligo

Have you ever been disturbed by the flies? It is disturbing right? But don’t worry with this fly because this fly will give you a comfort warm light not the noise sound. This quirky lamp is made resemble the structure of fly’s body. The designer turns a pesky insect into a welcome addition to the home. He mixed the structure of the fly with the lamp system. It uses the […]

Creative Wooden Storage Units

Unique Wooden Storage Units by André Pedrini and Ricardo Freisleben

If you see a box, don’t judge it by the cover. Maybe that box is a unique wooden storage units like this picture. The creative designers made a practical closet in a smart way. They give an easy way to bring a closet wherever we go. You don’t need any pickup cars to bring your big closet at home, just bring it inside the small box and you can go […]

Cool Stairs Design By Marretti

Elegant And Modern Wood Stairs Design By Marretti

Stairs is built as the connection for each floor that you have in your building. You must to make sure that you build the strong stairs to hold the weight of the users and it must hold the floor around it, so we need a strong material to make it stand firm. This stairs design offering a creative combination of wood, glass, steel, and even the lighting that all material […]