Iconic Village Minimalist Apartments Andreja Bujevac

Futuristic Iconic Minimalist Apartment by ArhitekturaBudjevac

An old and neglected apartment changed into a futuristic iconic apartment like in the picture is amazing right? The designer is called to change a 70’s apartment in an old building. From the 43 square meters, we can have a large multipurpose space. They kept the neatness from the furniture and the building material. First, we must to change all walls and the tile from that building. Then, we can […]

White and Black Living Room Ideas

Wonderful Modern Living Rooms Ideas

The living room is the most important room for you to entertainment the guests. We can stay here while we are talking with the guests. A  modern living room represented the personality of the owner, so we must make our living room warmer to make the guests feel warm and cozy too here. The family also can relax here after a long work day or just to watch the television […]

Rug Design Styles 3D Carpet Terra By Stepevi

Rug Design Inspiration 3D Carpet Terra By Stepevi

Rug design inspiration 3D carpet terra by Stepevi - Rug is the important thing that we must to have to keep our room warmer and keep clean. The function not only can we use for step on it, but we can sit on here too. It is soft and some of them are full furry. These 3D area rugs bring a new dimension to floor coverings. This carpet has a luxurious, […]

Unique Ammonite Washbasin Cabinet

Unique Ammonite Fossil Washbasin Cabinet Designs

Archeology is one of the history knowledge that works in the outdoor space. They dig the land, the sand, and everywhere that they known as a historical place. This time, we have furniture that used the archeology concept. Fossil is the exclusive treasure that only could we get when we search, find, and know the real fossil, because there are so many liars in this world. The fossils usually have […]

Unique And Luxury Eclectic High Back Chair By Alexandra

Unique And Luxury Eclectic High Back Chair By Alexandra

In the fantasy film or in the Victorian era movie, that is a big chair that usually placed only for the king to use it and no one allow to sitting in there. That chair usually unique, high back, and luxurious. This time, there is a designer made the electric high back chair that can be used inside your living room. We call it electric because of the color of […]

Art Bookcase Apartment

Colorful Custom Design Apartment in Budapest

The colorful wallpaper is perfect for the children. But, do you know that the colorful wallpaper is also perfect for the adult. These designs are represented the colorful concept for the adult. The designer of these designs loved a modern design that caught the attention from the guests. You can use the colorful wallpaper with your own design and put it on the living room or you can use the […]

Bedroom Small Apartment

How to Organize a Small Apartment with Creativity

Organize a small apartment will not to decrease our creativity to decorate the room we had. We can call it studio house because of its size not too big. The designer designed it to answer the living needs of a young couple. Not use the big partition if you don’t want make your room feel too crowded. You can use the wood pattern as the tile and wood partition for […]

Modular Furniture Design Teen Transformable

Modular Bedroom Furniture Teen Transformable

 When you want your modular bedroom furniture to be the perfect place for you to relax and enjoy your time it is crucial that the bedroom is functional, these ideas for teenagers like the colorful things, like their childhood because they not too much different from their past. But some of them already know what they like and they don’t like, such as for the color and modular bedroom furniture. They […]